Startup Weekend Kyoto

Fri, 27 Nov 2020 18:30 - Sun, 29 Nov 2020 21:00
Online Link visible to participants
¥1,000 prepaid
There is room for 45 more people


As with many Startup Weekends in Kyoto, the event will be held bilingually in English and Japanese.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are going to be holding this event online. For those who sign up by Friday November 20th 23:55, we will be sending original snacks and drinks from Kyoto (only for people in Japan, we cannot ship internationally). If you sign up after that, we won’t be able to send it.

If you cancel by Friday November 20th, we will be able to refund your participation fee minus handling fees.

Startup Weekend Kyoto, the 54 hours that will change your life, is back! And we’re going online!
There are no limits to what startups can accomplish, let’s rid ourselves of all the restrictions of a physical event and take advantage of all that we can accomplish online!

What is a Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs create a startup in 54 hours. Throughout the weekend, you’ll learn how to turn ideas into something real and experience what it’s like to startup.

What happens during Startup Weekend?

During Startup Weekend, you and your team will take your ideas from concept to creation within a matter of days!
(Since we are going online, we are going to be utilizing Zoom, Slack, Airmeet, and other online tools to carry out this event. Details will be messaged to all participants once decided.)
Starting from day 1, participants will pitch their ideas to form teams, then hit the ground running. Throughout the weekend, you'll be meeting talented and passionate coaches from whom you can get advice, and you'll be provided all the nourishment to keep going.
At the end of day 3, your team will be pitching your idea to a panel of judges who will provide feedback and select the winner!
But Startup Weekend isn't about winning, it's about working on ideas and taking the first step of your entrepreneurial journey. Startup Weekend isn't a Hackathon or a Workshop. There won't be nicely packaged instructions for you to follow, but you will connect with like minded aspiring entrepreneurs.
Many startups have been formed from Startup Weekends and many have found their co-founders to go beyond startup weekend.
See below for a more detailed schedule.


Day 1 - Friday

18:30 Registrations Begin
19:00 Dinner and Networking
19:30 Pitches Begin
20:30 Idea Voting and Team Formation
21:30 Start Working!
22:00 End of Day

Day 2 - Saturday

9:00 Show up – Announcements!
10:30 Coaching Session
12:00 Lunch!
15:00 Approach users, find potential customers, work work work!
18:30 Dinner time and check-in
22:00 End of Day

Day 3 - Sunday

9:00 Show up – Announcements!
10:30 Coaching Session
12:00 Lunch! and check-ins
15:00 Tech Check
17:00 Final Pitches
19:00 Judging and Award Ceremony
19:30 After Party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring an idea?

Not at all. If you don't have an idea, you can join another idea and form a team to work on that one.

How should I bring my idea?

Each person will only have less than a minute so slides are a no-go. You can bring props if you want though.

Do I get to work on my idea?

Not necessarily. At the end of day 1, everyone will be voting for ideas and the top ideas will get to form teams. If your idea doesn't get enough votes, you won't be able to form a team around them.

Can I bring an idea that I'm already working on?

No, but well researched and vetted ideas are always welcome.

What's included in the price?

As long as you are in Japan and sign up in time, we will send you a gift box with snacks and drinks from Kyoto!
All the organizers, facilitators, coaches, and judges are volunteers and not being paid a cent, so please be nice to them :).

What if I am not available for the whole three days?

To get the full experience, it's best to be available for the whole three days, but in the past, we have had participants who had to miss a couple hours because of prior engagements.

Can I sign up with my friend?

Of course. More the merrier. But please do register individually.

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